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Owners Looking for...
Vince Hebert Winch Handle (07-22-01)
BOBSEWORLD@aol.com Like to buy a hatch cover for SC22 (07-26-01)
Paul Griffiths Looking for a SC21 Hatch Cover [9-10-2001]
Mike Arnold Looking for used head sails for SC22 [09-23-01]

Owners Looking to get rid of...
Vince Hebert Winch Handle - long shaft (07-22-01)
Brian & Teri Blevins SC 22 for parts [08-26-01]

Owners looking for individual equipment items and looking to get rid of items can send a request to have them posted to this page. Items will remain on the page for a period of six months, and then removed if no messages are sent to SCOA to state otherwise.