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 Self-adhesive, vinyl South Coast logos are available for $3 including postage--provided our total order is at least fifty. If you are interested in a logo, please contact Sid Rousseau

The South Coast Seacraft Owners' Association is dedicated to the dissemination and sharing of information about South Coast sailboats and the experiences of South Coast owners, as well as providing a forum for communication between South Coast sailors and other interested persons. The South Coast Seacraft Company of Shreveport, Louisiana began production of two classic Carl Alberg designs in 1965, the SC 23 and the SC 21. Hollis Metcalf was the founder and chief designer. Hoping to carve a niche in the emerging trailerable cruising boat market, Metcalf and his chief engineer, James Monroe, redesigned the SC 21 to include larger accommodations and a swing keel. The SC 22 was by far the most successful of the South Coast line of boats.

Hollis' son, Warren, was groomed to take over the company, but he died tragically in a diving accident before he had finished designing the SC 25. Hollis sold the company in 1975 to three individuals from Chicago. The company's finances declined quickly and the plant closed in June of 1981. Over 4,000 South Coast sailboats were produced, over 3,000 of which were the versatile SC 22. 

This page is maintained by John Garrison with permission by Rory W. Stauber, who is responsible for originating this website.
Rory was graciouse enough to transfer the html files and associated jpegs to continue the website that has helped so many
South Coast Owners. It is both our hopes that the page continues. Thanks Rory!
For more information please contact Rory

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Photo credits clockwise from top left: SC 22 by Bob Zannowicz; SC logo by Ray Swords; SC 23 by Jerry Ewing; SC 21 race fleet by Ray Shull

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